A. KAFETZIS – HE TASSINIS & Co Construction Company was founded in 1982 and was initially created by Asimakis Kafetzis and Hercules Tassinis both civil engineers. The former graduated the NTUA (National Technical University of Athens “Ethnikon Metsovion Polytechnion”) and the latter the AUT (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Faculty of Engineering – School of Civil Engineering) and they both possessed a 2nd class contractor license, the upper individual class license according to the Greek register construction experience. In 1989 George A. Kafetzis, graduate of the University of Patras, School of Engineering, with MSc in Project Management joined in the company, while in 2002 Zoe Tassini, graduate of the University of Patras, School of Engineering, with MSc in Project Management, joined too.


Asimakis Kafetzis and Hercules Tassinis have cooperated since 1969 working individually or together for “DOMIKI S.A.”- one of the largest construction companies then, with local and international presence – as civil engineers, in charge of projects all over the Greek mainland or abroad until 1980. Hercules Tasinis took over an infrastructure project in Syria while Asimakis Kafetzis was assigned with regional general management.

In turn, along with George Kafetzis and Zoe Tassini in their general partnership company, they have been actively involved in the implementation of a broad spectrum of public and private projects, in the region of Achaia, Ilia and Aitoloakarnania districts. Either as members of “A. KAFETZIS – H.TASSINIS & Co.”, or as main shareholders of “KIVOS” S.A. or as assignees and delegates in charge of the P.S. companies “KASTOR” S.A. and “EYKLEIDIS”ATE (with substantial financial participation in the companies “KASTOR” S.A and “EYKLEIDIS” ATE) they participated in respective construction joint ventures.

The main activity of the company is to assume and create public works, such as schools, university facilities, hospital facilities and other, reinforcement of buildings and infrastructure projects, such as roads, water supply flood protection structures and urban constructions. We have also undertaken the construction of private projects such as residential buildings and offices. Lately, we have been involved with church construction and restoration, too.

In every single work that our company was responsible for or participated in their construction, was fully conformed to the application of the corresponding designing and technical specifications, showed honesty in the terms of every agreement and velocity in their fulfillment always within the deadlines offered. Matters that can be easily established by the corresponding Supervisor Services such as the Technical Services Division in the Region of Achaia, the Technical Services of the University of Patras, the TYDK in the region of Patras, the municipality of Patras etc and form our excellent business reputation and reliability.


Nowadays, the company includes, its members-engineers George Kafetzis – Zoe Tassini and a group of engineers, assistant engineers, foremen, technicians and machinery operators, accounting department and secretarial staff.

We also possess the corresponding machinery and keep a long-lasting cooperation with a large number of technicians and technical gangs with whom we have built relations of reliance. One more comparative advantage of our company is the steady collaboration with offices of Architectural Static and Electromechanical design in Patras, Athens and Thessaloniki.